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Searoop: the Zeeland organic lemonade syrup

Searoop is an organic lemonade syrup from Zeeland based on freshly squeezed organic apples, dune herbs and botanical herbs.

About Searop:

  • 50% less sugar by using freshly squeezed apples
  • Intense, deepening flavor with multiple layers
  • You can get 50 glasses of Searoop from a 500 ml bottle
  • is 100% suitable for everyone from 0-100 years
  • Vegan and low in sugar

We offer the following flavours:

  • elderflower
  • Blackberry
  • Rhubarb
  • Quince
  • rosemary

The syrup is wonderfully refreshing with water, but also very tasty in a cocktail or mocktail. In addition, Searoop is increasingly used in dishes, desserts and dressings.

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