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Hello Zeeland

Travel Guide Hello Zeeland Edition #3

Travel Guide Hello Zeeland Edition #3

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Fresh, modern and cool: this is the third edition of the Hello Zeeland travel guide. This travel guide from Zeeland is full of inspiration about the most beautiful regions in Zeeland.

In the third edition of the Hello Zeeland travel guide you will find it all: cozy coffee bars, fine beach pavilions, trendy clothing stores, cool concept stores, but also high-profile museums, unique activities and fun shopping routes. Anyone who has not set foot on Zeeland soil before cannot comment on it. Zeeland is special. It's a country apart. Enjoy beautiful sunsets with your feet in the sand, have drinks at one of the many beach pavilions, stroll through deserted nature reserves, soak up culture in the charming towns of Zeeland, spend the night at atmospheric campsites in Zeeland, settle down at a cozy tea garden and dream away in the vast polders. It's nice to have a holiday in Zeeland. And the children? They will of course go along with you: if playing on the beach is not enough, you will find the best addresses for the little ones under the new Kids & Adventure theme. It is obvious to both residents and tourists. Discovering Zeeland in a special way is what you want.

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